Looking For A Fresh Perspective?

You're invited to join Leigh Ann Betts as she facilitates an interactive group session using a highly effective process used by the top masterminds in the world.

Join in this Mastermind Experience and enjoy the flow of giving and receiving
as you contemplate the dreams you have for your work and your life.




I'm Leigh Ann Betts and I'm changing the world through feminine leadership & entrepreneurship.

With a unique blend of credentials in Business, Mastermind Facilitation and Life Coaching, aim to inspire women with new hope, new skills and new thinking to profoundly transform their businesses and lives to one of purpose AND profit!

Join me, along with a group of like-minded women entrepreneurs, that have agreed to serve and support one another with their wisdom, experience, network, and resources.Learn what a Mastermind is and how participating with intention as a member will help you grow your impact, influence and income, while experiencing more joy & fulfillment in your life.

Through this process, you'll learn more about each other, delve into what you're most excited about in your business, what's holding you back, and gain access to the support of the other women through their networks, resources, wisdom and experiences so that you can begin to have a clear step forward to make your dreams a reality.

In this "sample" session, you'll get a taste of what an ongoing Mastermind has to offer and the power of women gathering in this way.


Experience a Mastermind

WHAT: Your Mini Mastermind Experience, a one-time virtual event

WHEN: Contact Leigh Ann to be the first to know about the next date

WHERE: Virtual from your computer anywhere (via Zoom link sent to those who registered)

WHO: Women seeking personal & professional growth; who are willing to redefine the meaning of "success." Women who are curious to participate in self-discovery & receive support and ideas from the group. And for those interested in belonging to a Mastermind group lead by Leigh Ann Betts.

INVESTMENT: The value of this 1 time Mastermind with Hot Seat is $200. However, I'm offering this special Mini-Mastermind event for only $30.

Share YOUR VISION (goal, plan, ideas, or program in-the-works) with a small group of women to brainstorm & get immediate feedback.
(Too many ideas dancing around your mind & not clear about what to do next? This event will help.)

Think of it as a workshop to spark your creative ideas, gain needed resources and form clarity on your next actionable step for success! A virtual workshop to take action on your vision!

Experience a dynamic way of connecting with other successful, busy, life-loving women in a fun & highly effective mastermind session.

A Community of Commitment & Support

Ask yourself: “What if there were 5 other people that as they moved forward in their life, were also thinking about me, about how they could support me, how they could include me, how they could create for me...What if I was doing the same for the other 5 people in my group? What might that mean to my life?”

Clarity: Replace feelings of confusion and self-doubt with Clarity. Clarity about your unique gifts, who your people are, the problems they have, the the solutions you offer.

Confidence: Better clarity leads to confidence in yourself, in your life and mission, and attracts the right people to you.

Commitment: Experience a deeper level of commitment to your work, family, self and your greater role in the world.

Consistency: The above pillars create consistency in the income you earn, stability in your relationships and more balance in your life.


Structure That Supports Success:

How does a Mastermind group work?

A mastermind group meets either in person or virtually to discuss progress, obstacles, requests for input or support, and commitments. The process follows a set agenda, is recorded for future reference, and is facilitated. The meeting duties are shared equally by all participants.

Mastermind Groups can meet in person, on the telephone, or via online meeting technology. For those groups that meet in person or on the phone, typically a once-a-month meeting is scheduled. Groups that are highly motivated to achieve a great deal can elect to meet more frequently. Anything less than monthly (for at least the first six months) will not serve the group as little momentum and accountability will be established.


3 Keys To Mastermind Success


A critical element of successful mastermind groups is the careful screening for like-minded individuals who are committed to growing, evolving and manifesting for themselves as well as others.


A great mastermind creates an open, accepting and enthusiastic environment. At the same time, it ensures equal contribution and participation by all members, as well as maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


By committing to a mastermind, you can literally experience a transformation. We will do everything we can to support you. Every meeting, you can expect to recommit to your vision and your goals.


REGISTER: Simply click Save My Seat & let me know which date you can attend.

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