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Do you love the life you are living?

That’s a pretty important question. I can’t believe it took me so long to ask it of myself.

I was shocked when I realized that the perfect life I was working so hard to create for myself had led me into a troubled place full of doubt, darkness, and disconnection. It took a while to realize just how far from my true self I had strayed. 

Two divorces, health problems, and a career that eventually made me miserable, I finally took a step back and start asking the kinds of questions that really matter.

Questions like, “What kind of car do you drive?” or “How big is your house?” weren´t on the list of critical things to consider.  

And yet, for years my focus had been on ticking boxes just like that. Boxes based on expectations put on me by my family and reinforced by everything I was seeing in society. 

When the cracks began to appear in the facade, that´s when real growth and change began to happen for me.

Was it tough to get really honest with myself? Hell, yes. Am I done yet with my own personal journey? Of course not. Is change worth it? OMG — yes! 

The real magic began when I started following my heart and what I was passionate about. It started with an interest in energy and Feng Shui and I began to heal myself from the outside-in.

Over time, I started sharing my experiences with other women as I reconnected with the playful, intuitive, and optimistic self of my childhood. 

I soon discovered how many others had also been sold a bill of goods. I found that when I spoke with others, I could quickly identify their strengths and help them discover where they had strayed from their essential life paths. I discovered my gift of being able to see how all the pieces fit together for others. 

My background in business has honed my practical and analytical skills and my certification as a Feng Shui Practitioner and Life Coach has fostered a reconnection with my intuitive side so that I can help others reconnect with their inner truths.

Helping people move towards being the best versions of themselves brings me immense joy and satisfaction. 

It can be hard to find perspective when you begin to examine the life you are living. The more work I did with clients through coaching and masterminds the better I got an integrating the heart, the mind, and what really matters so that they can lead values-driven life.

I help clients take a step back so they, too, can start to see the big picture and they can become powerful creators of a life they love.

Then, together, we zoom in and dive into the nitty gritty details as we explore how best to integrate and implement change on a practical level. 

I no longer feel the need to segregate or suppress my spiritual, energetic, or feminine aspects of my approach to work and life.

Instead, I recognize there is a way to bring together head and heart within and I do that by connecting heart-to-heart with my clients.

I have discovered it´s entirely possible (necessary!) to do business and life in a different way. I help people create freedom within structure in their life by giving them the appropriate tools to live fully.

Each person is on their own unique path and I take pride in meeting each client exactly where they are. That´s where we find our starting point when we begin to work together.

We take as much time as we need to work through emotions and issues as they arise, always keeping an eye on the end goals we have set together. 

There is no one way forward. When we need to play, explore, and be vulnerable, that´s what we do. When we need to get practical, make a plan, and implement, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Nothing makes me happier than helping to facilitate a client´s transformation. We are all in this together. There´s no need for anyone to struggle alone.

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Calgary-born and raised, Leigh Ann Betts received a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance from the University of Calgary in 1984.

Following the path set out for her by family and society, she dutifully pursued a career in banking. Ambitious, driven, and hard-working, she did exactly as expected and climbed the corporate ladder, eventually assuming a senior management role at a major Canadian bank.

After two divorces, mounting health challenges, and faced with a general sense of emptiness and despair, Leigh Ann underwent a major reassessment of all aspects of the life she was living. 

The result was a total transformation. Beginning with quitting her banking career, Leigh Ann explored and embraced what really mattered, and has since become a well-established and respected life coach, mentor, and inspirational speaker. 

When Leigh Ann isn’t writing, speaking, or coaching people towards their own values-led life, you’ll find her enjoying family time outdoors, working out at the gym, or cheering on her 13 year-old son from the sidelines of the soccer field.

Leigh Ann lives in Canmore in Canada’s Rocky Mountains with her partner, Grant and her son, Asher.