Survive & Thrive this Fall

Whether you’re young or old, or have children or not, September feels like the start of a “new year.” There is an immediate shift in gears with planning and organizing during the initial flurry of activity that the start of Fall brings.

As nature begins to spiral inward, there is an opportunity for us to do the same…

My wake up call to healthy eating

When the Radiology Technician found “something” on my routine mammogram, I realized just how damn much I wanted to live.

This past May I had a breast cancer scare. My second one in 9 years. I was terrified. My doctor told me to stay present and take it one step at a time.

Easier said than done…

Fill up your cup

All you need is love!

Remember that famous Beatles song, “All you need is love?” It’s really true isn’t it? Yet we often forget how vital it is to our well being in the hectic world we live in. So why not take a moment now…